We offer a full range of podiatry services, specialising in pain and injury management for all types of foot issue.

We offer advice, treatment and management for a broad range of conditions regarding general foot and lower limb health, biomechanics and orthotics, dermatology needs and even minor surgery for ingrown toenails, and verrucas.

The Podiatry Hub is conveniently located inside the Unichem Pharmacy at the Sunnynook Shopping Centre and open Monday - Fridays.

We’re ACC registered so if your injury is the result of an accident there is no surcharge and no referral needed, your biomechanical assessment is fully covered. We also have SuperGold card holder rates for seniors and are a Southern Cross registered provider.


Why Us 

Qualified Podiatrist

I am a qualified podiatrist specialising in pain and injury management for all types of foot issues.

ACC Registered

We are ACC registered so if your injury is the result of an accident there is no surcharge and no referral needed, your bio-mechanical assessment is fully covered.

Convenient & Affordable

We’re conveniently located inside the Unichem Pharmacy at the Sunnynook Shopping Centre, open Monday - Friday.

We have SuperGold card rates for seniors and are a Southern Cross registered provider.

we are the Only Podiatrist in Auckland that offers both shock wave and low level laser therapy.

I came to see Bradley after having a painful verruca on my foot for over 3 months. I had tried regular weekly GP sessions to freeze it but nothing was working. Bradley recommended a needling method that he said had a very high rate of success. He made me feel very comfortable, gave me a local injection and then proceeded with the needling method. He made me feel at ease and confident throughout the procedure, he even gave me a pedicure as I hadn’t been able to get that done for a while. He checked up on me the next day and delivered something I had left behind, talk about great service! The procedure completely worked and now I am pain free and verruca free! I’m so happy and will definitely be going back for more podiatry services.
— Sarita Wilson, Morningside, Auckland

 What We Treat



Do you have pain in the heel of your foot?

It could be going up the back of your leg or shooting towards your toes.

You could experience pain after periods of rest. It could be either constant pain or a sharp shooting pain when walking.

Don’t leave your pain untreated as it can get worse and affect other areas of your body as you compensate to avoid the area of pain.

We can help with our services that treat heel pain:

Ankle or Achilles Pain

Have you injured your ankle or achilles playing sport or simply twisted your ankle?

Do you experience a deep pain within your ankle? This could have developed over time due to improper footwear or poor muscle strength.

Do you have pain that builds up over time during your day? It could range from a dull ache to a sharp pain either inside or outside of the ankle.

We can help with our services that treat ankle and achilles pain:

Forefoot or toe pain

Do you experience pain between your toes?

You could feel this when wearing shoes, it can feel like you have got a stone in your shoes or like a pebble between your toes. It gets worse during the heat and it can feel like pins and needles.

It can increase during the day when walking and sometimes can become a shooting pain when walking.

We can help with our services that treat forefoot and toe pain:



Do you have a sharp and uncomfortable pain on the sole of your foot? You may be unsure if this is a corn or it could be a verruca.

Do you feel a lot of pain when walking and when you have your feet up?

Have you tried treatments with GP or home freezing but it hasn’t helped?

We can help with our specialist Verruca services:

Corns, CALLUSES, cracked heels

Corns if left untreated will continue to grow, become more painful and ultimately be harder to treat taking longer.

Calluses left untreated on heels can develop into cracked heels and take longer to treat and heal.

Cracked heels if left untreated can increase the risk of infection to the skin which could ultimately lead to conditions like cellulitis and infections of the skin moving up the leg.

We can help remove corns, callouses and cracked heels:

Ingrown or problematic toenails

Are you feeling a swelling, pressure or increased sensitivity in your toe? You could have an ingrown toenail.

Do you have nails that have grown thick?

Do you have a white or yellow discolouration on the toenail, could be thick and crumbly? This could be a fungal infection and needs immediate attention to prevent further damage.

Do you have injured nails? Have you kicked the furniture or stubbed your toe?

Or if you simply can’t reach your toe nails they can be cut and pedicured professionally for you, as well as any issues dealt with at the same time. We have special rates for SuperGold card holders.

We can help with our specialist toenail services:

Our Services & Pricing


General Podiatry

$60 per 30mins

Our foot health assessment will help you understand what is going on with your feet and lower legs, we can treat any simple issues like nails, corns, calluses.

We will provide an indication of any other issues that you are not aware, such as why you get certain pain in your legs or feet and recommend a personal treatment plan for what we can do to resolve these issues including preventative methods for you to avoid further pain and injury.

Fungal Nail Testing and Treatments

$100 per package

We provide full testing and treatments for fungal nail infections.

We will confirm if there is a presence of a fungal infection and potentially save you time and money if that isn’t the case. We will discover the direct cause of your symptoms and be able to treat you appropriately.

Test takes 15 mins $40 and treatment if required is $60 for 30 mins.

Biomechanical Assessment

$90 per 60mins

We will conduct a full assessment of your injury or pain. We will assess your joints, your range of movement and muscles across a range of activities: weight bearing, seated, standing and walking.

We will provide a full diagnosis of your pain and condition, with an understanding of what is causing the pain and recommended treatments address your condition.

Diabetic Footcare

$60 per 30mins

We will conduct a general assessment of your feet and lower legs including a full medical history review of your blood sugar levels, blood flow, nerve function and skin condition, we’ll also identify any potential future pathologies making you aware of any potential issues you may get.

We can pick up on specific foot related issues that other health professionals may not be focused on, ensuring your diabetic health care is complete.

We have extensive experience working in Eastern Bay of Plenty a high risk diabetes region.

Verruca Treatments

From $60

Verruca treatments can range from, salicylic acid to needling or minor surgery, depending on your symptoms and how long the verruca has been there.

We will assess your verruca and provide the best treatment options for you.

Shock Wave Therapy

$90 per session

Shock Wave Therapy is suitable for soft tissue and pain. The device delivers a pressure wave to the points of injury, breaks up scar tissue and speeding up recovery. Shock Wave Therapy feels like a light pressure, a vibration and is painless. Treatment provides immediate relief and loosens up the muscles or joints involved in the area of pain.

We often start with Shock Wave Therapy to break up the scar tissue then using Laser Therapy to repair and strengthen the area.

The Podiatry Hub are the only podiatrist in Auckland Offering both Laser Therapy and Shock Wave Therapy.

Low Level Laser Therapy

$90 per Session

Laser Therapy is totally painless, it uses infrared light to stimulate the cells and speed up healing. Laser Therapy is well suited to soft tissue and joint pain, it helps to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Through the stimulation of cells it speeds up the healing, repair and strengthening process.

Often used in conjunction with Shock Wave Therapy (used first to break down the scar tissue), Laser Therapy helps to speed up the healing to repair and strengthen the area.

The Podiatry Hub are the only podiatrist in Auckland Offering both Laser Therapy and Shock Wave Therapy.

Dry Needling Therapy

$80 per session

Dry Needling (otherwise known as Myofascial trigger point release) Therapy is similar to acupuncture and used to relieve painful tender spots or stiffened muscles in legs and foot, such as shin splints calf pain, foot related pain and ankle sprains.

Dry Needling Therapy provides Instant relief from stiffened muscles and is a great alternative therapy to acupuncture. It’s a minimally invasive, direct treatment so saves a lot of time.

Minor Surgery

$250 per surgery

If required we are able to treat your nails or verrucas with minor surgery. We will discuss the options with you including recovery time and after care treatment so you are fully prepared prior to the surgery.

Team Sports Injury Management

We specialise in team sport injury management and currently support:

  • The Takapuna Football Club, top and reserve teams – attending trainings, treating injuries and attended on the sidelines during the games.

  • Aotearoa Basketball preparing up and coming players for scholarships and trials, and

  • Notorious Dance Company – a junior hip hop dance company competing at international level. we work with the team to look after injuries, taking them through exercise programmes – stretching and strengthening to help with posture, power and movement to help with flexibility. We focus on helping improve their legs and foot work – conducting screenings to identify the physical strengths and weaknesses of the dancers and giving recommendations on how they can improve to become better.

  • We also help with many sports events such as Kerikeri half marathon.

Our Practice

The Podiatry Hub is located inside the Unichem Pharmacy at the Sunnynook Shopping Centre:


Unit 4 Sunnynook Shopping Centre
106 Sunnynook Road, Forrest Hill
North Shore, Auckland, 0620

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 6pm